Salewa Sella Ski Jacket Men

Huge pictures for huge walls

In 2020 I had the chance to work with Salewa to create their own virtual collection. I worked with the designers to edit the basic project and to study poses and placement of each single shot. The quality of the renderings must been very high and quality effect of each piece of fabric must been hiper realistic because we were working on technical appareal and also because they had to be printed and exposed on the wall shops.

Salew Ortless

The importance of posing

It’s not been easy find the right poses, some renders are been edited in post production but the secret of a good work is being focused on the target and use the right tools.

The light quality is the key to have a good picture, the focal point highlits the importance of the Brand and let see the quality of textures in each material.

Everything is been generated by a calculation of data, this means that all the components and small details are generated by computer from the 3D settings, it require many hours of work and a good taste and sense of beauty because art need heart. 

Salewa Durastretch woman pants

DAn eye on the details

Stitching, wrincles and folds are modelled using simulation of stretching and wind effects to adapt the base shape of the garment on the avatar.

All the parameteres of fabrics have the same value of the real samples used in production line.

The colors, the reflexion and also the  of the material is been adjusted to achieve the hiper-realism of a real picture.

Salewa Cristallo warm alpine merinos responsive

Why 3D Garment?

A virtual collection is very usefull for a brand, in particular if they have to renew the collection every year.

Can you imagine the costs to develop a real sample that maybe needs to be modified in a second moment? This is the traditional way to make it, but today the market is more competitive and offer a service with more than one option is a must.

3D CGI let me support such brands to create virtually their own collection for Real-Time fashion shows, ecommerce or simple ADV for shops.

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