3D Design

Digital modelling for Industry

3D cad is an important stage to define the project in detail before the mold making. 

By the 3D scanning of the clay model I proceed to rebuild logically the shapes of the object by NURBS surfaces. 

AMP Design Studio virtualize every kind of object, even if they are made

with hard or soft parts, with or without existing 3D files.

Thickness and volumes are analized respecting the international homologation for each product.


Complex surfaces for smooth shapes

Have a good 3D model is the best way to obtain realist resaults, but in the worst case I’ll do my best to fix the problem.

This stage is calle retopology, it means that from a base mesh I create new surfaces to rebuild a new model. This is necessary because the 3D scan file is a pretty raw file and it’s the ideal for the production of the molds.


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