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What is it exactly


AMPviewer is a plugin for website and an Application for mobile devices.

It’s an interactive and multitasking showcase that let you show your products using High Quality 3D model instead pictures.

AMP Design Studio has develop  AMP Viewer to help all the companies involved in e-commerce business to increase their volume of selling.

It doesn’t matter if you are a manufacture company or a dealer, we can build your own new interactive platform to impress your customer thanks our technology!

What are you looking for? just contac Us for a Quotation!

We from AMP Design Studio created AMPviewer in the 2013 in occasion of EICMA show in Milan, the  most important worldwide event for Motorbike.

We used the first beta test of AMPviewer in an Ipad2 (first generation) to show our latest designs to our clients, we didn’t immagine that we created a new way to make marketing!

From that time we continue to improve our service extending our support from the 3D modelling to the VFX effects.

Our motto is: “Jobs never change, what is changing is just the way to do it!”.

Our Logo is a triad of elements in a metallic circular shield.

Every element is module form that remind a poligonal filled of a regular circular space and that let you discover the core of metal shield.

The color used is an electric tone of light blue which is ideal to transmith our professional competence in multimedia and computer graphic.

tablet multypage


In Marketing nothing is more attractive that something that involve user as first person!

AMPviewer is a 100% interactive tool that will let you have a virtual experience of product selection during navigation.
While you discover all the option available you will be informed thank the virtual experience and the purchsing process will be easiest than ever!

A strong point of AMPviewer is the Discovery process that User have during the normal use of it.

The process is easy:

Discovery generate Curiosity.

Curiosity create Interest.

The Interest generate the Purchase.

A real strong point of AMPviewer are the Animations  

The limit of using picture are so many, we believe that a dinamic 3D model can change the way to sell & Buy a product.

With our 3D models we can see special customized animation that will help our clients to well understand the real value of the products we show.

We don’t need to write so many texts to understand why they should buy your products, just let them discover the Animation!

A standard  E-commerce need many pictures to satisfy the curiosity of people. Unfortunatelly this solution slow down your server.

AMPvieweris faster and dynamic  than every configurator and expalin quickly all the selling points you need with some siple gesture, how?

Selection of color available can be solve with a collection of icon.

Choose your perfect color is never been easy like this!

Our skills








IOS - Android - WEB

Color Combination

Would you see all the colors range of your model?

Well, AMP Viewer can be custozied with a color range bar that let you select your configuration!

High quality images

Your picture will never pixelate because the textures are well thinked to match exactly on the shape of your model.
The shaders emulates perfectly the primary effecs of real materials like plastic, metals, glass, plexiglass, chrome, rubber.

The importance to be Virtual

In a fast world as we living the importance to be smart is a necessity.

AMPviewer is faster than every other custumizator software you have used before.

AMPviewer is available also for mobile devices!!!

Invite people to dowload your new 3D virtual catalogue, and increase the potential on line selling of your product!

Play Button Animation

Rotate you model in the position you like and activate the Play Button to discover how the components works.

Would youlike discover secret part to understand how the works? Whit an animation you ca do it easly and faster that a text description!


Imagine how your website could be with AMPviewer!

Try  the official AMPviewer Demo on line Now!

Our Features

How we create AMPviewer

Step 1°: 3D Models

First of all we need a 3D model!

If you don’t have any 3D model,  AMP Design Studio will provide to create a new one thanks the experience of our technicians by a reverse engeenenring process of your real sample.

After the geometry optimization your model will be ready for the next step!

Step 2°: UV mapping

UV Mapping is always a crucial step.

Every 3D model need a good preliminary setting to be published.

Making a correct UV mapping require a deep knowledge to obtain a good resault.

If you think that computers will do it automatically, you are wrong!

Nothing is automatic, computers always need a finger that press a key.
know which keys have to be pressed, it make the difference!

Step 3°: Textures

3D objects needs color and often they need special effects.

What we do here in AMP Design Studio is create the real aestetic appereance of your product as in the real life.

Texture are 2D images that will cover every portion of your 3D object, more detailed they are better will be the simulation of the final finishing.

Step 4°: Cinematics & Animation

If you want impress your clients, then you need some animations!

All the animations of your model need to be deeply studied in advance.
Cool animations are the resault of hours and hours of tests and rigging modifications.

Do you prefer a static world?

No, you don’t!

Step 5°: Customizable Layout

Do you want to create your persoanl Layout? NO Problem, the Layout of AMPviewer is customizable!

Just send us some pictures, a feedback, or a simple description of the resault that you want, our team will create you perfect layout for you!

We will inform you about some specification that needs to be considered in advance and we keep you update in every development step.

Step 6°: Functions & Call to Action

Do you need a special function you haven’t seen in our Demos? Why not?!

AMP Design Studio is always excited to work on new task, but remember:

If your description is not detailed, how do you think to obtain a perfect resault?

Our pricing

Choose your packages



  • 1 Project            
  • Showcase: www.ampviewer.com
  • Layout: Standard
  • Animation:  Explosion
  • color: Up to 3

Event & Renting

19900per day (min 3 days)

  • Ipad Renting
  • Customizable Layout
  • Description pannels
  • Hide & Show components button
  • Button video link


  • FREE PLAN included!!!
  • WEB plugin
  • Color range bottom bar
  • Customizable Layout
  • Description pannels
  • Hide & Show components button
  •  watch video button
  • “Add to Cart” button


  • Web PLAN
  • IOS App
  • Android App

All the prices shown don’t  consider the 3D modelling Management costs, they are related just on technology offer.

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