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How to see now a virtual products?

How to see a virtual product?

I believe that real time 3D models will be the next near future of online selling. If you compare a standard website that use pictures instead an interactive 3D content you will discover many potentiality of conversion of users from visitors to potential buyer.

Why? because the purchase action is power up by the information recived, better info it means easy purchase. With our models is possible have a virtual interaction that helps the users to understand the keypoint of the product.

Less word to read means also an immediated assimilation of all the concepts behind the product exposed, this is called “Gamification effect”.

Thanks the pleasure of the “discovering” new info by simple gesture we let the people have a virtual auto learning process that is total depending by ythe curiosity of user and the function of AMP Viewer.

See below the video and comment with your question about it.



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